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Stay the Preppy Pet Way with Indoor Play

All size dogs welcome

Cats, Birds, Small Animals too
Includes full day and night with up to 5 outdoor walks, TV in suite areas, feeding your provided foods and treats per Pet per night. Additional pets sharing suites are always price off.

We offer 5 sizes of suites to choose from a Mini-Suite to Super Suite and many choices of our climate controlled play options
Cats stay in the Kitty Hawk room in our provided private cat condos, while you must bring cages aquariums for birds and small animals, along with foods, treats and toys. 

"Preppy Pet  is an awesome place to leave your dogs for just a day or for your vacation. I have used them twice and have had no problems with them at all. My pets are well taken care of and given lots of playtime and attention while they are looked after like they were their own pets the place is clean and neat. The attention to detail about each pet is above average and personal instructions are adhered to in great detail."
Holt W.
"I love Preppy Pets because they always take such good care of my dog. When we go there she wags her tail and is happy. That is what I want for my dog. My cats can go there too!"
Celine G.
"The staff at Preppy Pets is great. They truly care for each pet as if it were their only one. My pup Jake looks forward to every visit."
Richard M.
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