Modular  Kennels



Kennel Specs and the Flexibility of our Modules

5 Kennel Sizes to Accommodate…

The Customer

The dog size, Size of pet family and their budget


The Building

Reduces build-out costs to a lease property of adding or removing walls which can get into structural, electrical plumbing, Fire codes permits, labor etc.,
We can make the rooms work!


The Business and Kennel Plan

Change kennel sizes anytime with the existing panels Large to super large, super to X-large etc.


Comfort For Our Doggie Guests and The Kennel Owner

Great looking for that indoor suite look, with a no cage feel .

E-Z set-up and installation

Dogs can look out of the front, without that boxed closed in feeling, having to jump up to see.

Safe with no sharp edges or chain link to pinch dogs

6 foot high and would be very hard to climb out

One handed dual door latch for easy entrance, yet secure

Flush mounted and easy lift off doors

Our privacy panels provide many benefits, easy to clean surfaces, reducing cross contamination of germs, raised from floor for cleaning, minimizes germs holding areas that produce viruses, odor and cleaning labor time.

Years of service life and easy assembly, minimum maintenance, with our strong hot dip galvanized steel construction and easy to change privacy panels.


Strong for the big dogs !


Kennel Package Prices

Starter Package $ 25,000 plus shipping
64 single kennels in 5 sizes  
*Retail Costs may be $44,480 to $102,080
Save up to $77,080 + or -

Standard Package $ 35,000 plus shipping
81 single kennels in 5 sizes  
*Retail Costs may be $ 56,295 to $ $129,195
Save up to $94,195 + or -

Large Package $ 45,000 plus shipping
106 single kennels in 5 sizes
*Retail Costs may be $73,670 to $169,070
Save up to $124,070+ or -

Super Package $ 55,000 plus shipping
121 single kennels in 5 sizes

*Retail Costs may be $ 84,095 to $192,995
Save up to $142,995+ or -

Double occupancy is for same family pets sharing.
*Retail costs based on single kennel run costs between a low of $ high $1595.Ea Prices may vary and change without notice. Prices are valid only to Preppy Pet Franchisees. Savings may also vary.



Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ’s

How can I buy these Modular Kennels?
Our Modular Kennels Are Available Only To Licensed Preppy Pet Franchisees and
Preppy Pet Suites Franchises

Why can’t we purchase these on our own?
Our Modular Kennels are Proprietary for our franchisees to
achieve many advantages, from reduced start-up costs to the operating costs and is major part of the Preppy Pet System.


 What if I am thinking of opening my own independent kennel?    

     Click here to read some of the questions you might have on opening a kennel    

Can I become a Licensed Preppy Pet Franchisee and own a Protected Territory?
Preppy Pet Suites Is Expanding Nationwide and Available in Most States. Territories are limited in some areas and there are requirements.

Can we save money after we purchase the territory and kennel package?
Yes, Preppy Pet Franchises will keep you ahead of the competition in many ways. Direct purchasing from our vendor list for all your equipment and supplies will save you thousands.

What if we own a Kennel and want to join the Preppy Pet Franchise?
This is called a “conversion” and may be easier, quicker and less expensive. There are still restrictions and requirements to become a Preppy Pet Suites Franchise.  We realize there are many pet care centers that needs to be updated.

Problems with chain link kennels, Easy to bend, Easy to climb out of for most dogs, and notice corrosion on floor, Very hard and timely to clean with all the links that cover the places for germs to hide. This is only 1 ½ years old! Cheap to install, but not in the long run!  



Problems with wood type kennels, do it yourself type kennels do not last long at all, This one just a few months old, chewed up and was not cheap to build with labor and material. The dog does not look very comfortable either, most are not happy leaving their dog in one of these for the weekend or longer. Big dogs would rip this thing apart!


How can I find out more about Preppy Pet Franchises?
Complete this franchise request form and we will email you more information and you can learn all about this fun, affordable and profitable franchise.

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