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Overnight Pet Boarding, Doggie Daycare and Spa baths, offered at all of our locations nationwide  
Full Grooming and Dog Training available only at select locations  

"Sparky LOVES preppy pet! He could make a commercial fighting his way to get inside!" 
"Preppy Pet treats my little pooch like one of their family. Additionally, Preppy Pet is one of few companies that treats their customers with sincere courtesy and respect...a role model for other business!"
Tony V

Four Paws Promise
Stay the Preppy Pet Way, our climate-controlled indoor play areas, "The Country Club, The Yacht Club, and The Racquet Club," are designed for dogs of different sizes to play together. They are monitored by our staff and you can check on them through the internet with our Preppy Pet Cam (Locations may vary). Our Playtime consist of playing indoors except when they are on an outside walk, napping or eating. They also sleep well, night or day, with a TV playing in the background. No lonely nights here!
Our custom fabricated kennel suites are designed for comfort and privacy, reminiscent of balmy nights on Martha's Vineyard. Each suite is private on three sides but completely open view out the front, which is important so that your dog does not feel boxed in. Enclosing a dog on all sides usually causes them anxiety and possible injury from jumping up and down or scratching at the door to escape, often hurting paws and scratching noses. The strength and spaciousness of our suites allows us to welcome any size dog.

Guaranteed reservations. It is safe to know that our previous guest (within 6 months) at most of our locations will always have a suite waiting for them, even during the holidays or last minute emergencies. (locations may vary). Our staff members love pets and while your pet is under our care, they are our Number One Priority. We provide 24 hour security, live fire monitoring and a veterinarian on call. Our staff training programs are comprehensive so you can be confident that experienced pet-lovers will be caring for your dog.

Our staff uses only animal friendly professional cleaning products and a special air purification system that  helps kill and eliminate the spread of  viruses. Our custom steel and poly kennel suites do not trap germs, a problem common with traditional chain link kennels, melamine board (compressed sawdust) or wood. Bacteria stinks and other facilities may smell. We are so proud of our centers, that we want you to take the "Preppy Pet Smell and Tell Tour."
Please visit your local Animal Services or S.P.C.A. and adopt a wonderful family member today. 

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