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Pet Boarding, Doggie Daycare and Spa Baths

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Hurricane Evacuation
Pet Care Center
Plan ahead as most hotels will not accept pets
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Welcome To Preppy Pet Tempe - Survey

Rate your Stay,  Smell and Tell Tour


(A= Best,  B=Good,  C=Average,  D=Poor)

Pet(s) had fun and  were happy B C D  
Cleanliness and smell of facility    B C D  
Knowledge and friendliness of staff B C D  
Prices for services provided   B C D  
Convenience of our location   B C D  
What is your favorite size suite     Mini Large X-Large Super  
Do you purchase our play options  Yes  No      
Do you Purchase our doggie spa baths    Yes  No      
Does your pet(s) act excited when you arrive?   Yes  No      
Have you been to other Preppy Pet ?   Yes  No      
Will you use our other locations? Yes  No      
Will you recommend us to your family and friends   Yes  No      
May we use your comments with name only as a reference to others (If yes, please include name in comment box)    Yes  No      
How did you here about us?
What can we do to improve? Comments and Suggestions.



Thanks for completing this survey to better serve your pets needs.  

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